Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Please send some Happy thoughts our way...

Sorry that I have not posted lately, but we have been in the hospital with Haley since Saturday night. We have had a bunch of ups and downs but she has had surgery now and is resting. Haley had indesseption (spelling might be off) It is basically when the intestine telescopes over itself and collapses. The great surgeons here in Savannah GA fixed her all up after cutting the piece out and fusing it back together and taking out her appendix as well. But now she has contracted some nasty virus that she has to be in isolation and the nurses have to wear special gowns and gloves when they come to check on her. We are trying to get that under control right now so hopefully she will be better soon. She has to get rid of this virus 1st and then she can try eating and drinking and if she can handle that we can go home soon after that but i would not think much before the weekend. I will be updating on here and I will be checking my email so if you wanna know something just give me a shout but please send a few prayers up our way!! The internet and SCS is the only thing keeping me sane right now!


Robyn said...

Ally I said a prayer for your baby today. I hope she is doing better. Stay strong and hang in there. She is being watched over.

Love you!

Debbi said...

I pray all heals well and quick! You know we(SCS) are all here for you!
Debbi (Motherof6)

Cori Bravo said...

Wow Ally, I am so sorry to hear about your little one. I'm glad she is doing better. You're in my thoughts.


Charmaine (CharmWarm on SCS) said...

OH my! I hope all is well. I just found your blog through your email. . .will still keep you in my thoughts and prayers!