Tuesday, November 27, 2007

More CT news!!

I have been accepted to another Ct!! Whoo Hoo!! I am now a member of Faith trues CT!! I have talked about faithon here before and to tell you the truth she is the reason I started looking into digi scrapping, she is just too great I cannot say enough nice stuff about her!! Well I used one of her kits for this it is called Isabella Mancinis Bring you cheer kit, You can get it over at Sophia Sarducci, I cannot wait to get started on this years christmas pictures!!

Its getting to be that time...

Of year again!! I just love Christmas and the holidays!! I love spending time with Family and friends and cold weather, to get me int he mood to wrap a few gifts tonight I decided to scrap some christmas pics!! These are my muffins last year right after we got the tree up...man I cannot believe how much both of them have changed in just a year!! I used Amys Summeralls New Fun and Funky Christmas kit for this page you can get it now for 50% off Here!! Oh well off to work on some more stuff!!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Bad blogger...but good news!!

As most of you knwo by now I have ventured intot he world of Digi scrapping!! Well I have been hanging out over at OAKS and I have met some really cool people over there, one of them being Amy Summerall!! and She has accepted me into her creative team!! Here are just 2 of the great kits she has and I promise to create more with them very soon!! You can find them over at JFTSOI and she is having a 50% off sale right now so it is a great time to get all of her great stuff!!
The top page uses here over the grundgy rainbow kit and the bottom one uses miffy & Bif!! Two totally fun kits!! and you have got to check out the new christmas one!!
Oh well night for now I will try and post more later!!