Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My 1st Tent card!!

I have seen so many cute tent cards these days on SCS so I decided to try one out!! I am diggin it!! I used Cert. Celery and Pretty in pink and some cert. celery designer paper. I pulled out my emmybella and made her bags out of designer paper as well. I had a white flower from wal-mart I think so I used a daubber to pick up some pretty in pink ink and colored it pink!! I used some karen foster snap stamps for the happy!! I couldnt think of a whitty shoppping phrase so I just put Happy cause shopping makes me SUPER Happy!
On another note I Think I have my studio unpacked It is not organized that well yet but all of my stuff is unpacked and I am getting there!! I had it organized enough to actually stamp and put my hands on most stuff I needed right away!! It felt so good to actually stamp, I was so relieved!! I have a few more cards from last wekeend when I went out of town that I will post tomorrow!! Thanks ladies for sticking with me, I plan to get going strong again!!

Friday, July 20, 2007

I'm Leaving... on a jet plane....

LOL You have to sing that to actually get it ya know...okay I am a dork!! I am at work this morning but I leave at 11:30 to fly out to Atlanta to a KVN conference that i have to speak at. The KVN is the Key Volunteer Network. It is for Marine Corps spouses and I am the coordinator for the 6th Marine Corps district RS Jacksonville. That probably means nothing to you so i am sorry for all the Marie Lingo!! But i will have an alright time I am sure. I am excited to go but not excited to leave Jeffrey and the kiddies for the weekend. I think I packed more stampin stuff in my bag then actual clothes but thats alright with me if I need to I can fashion a skirt out of designer paper and primas. LOL! So hopefully when i get home on Sunday I will have some stampin stuff to post. Sorry for my lack of communication here lately it has just been a rough few weeks with the move and Tyler passing and all. I hope you folks have a great weekend and i hope to see ya'll on Sunday with some hotel room stampin goodies!!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Sistah Bella!!

On our bella yahoo group we have a great sistah swap going on right now and I think I have the bestest sistah!! Mary is just great!! She has sent me 2 cards and 3 stamps!! I hopefully will be inking them up soon so I'll post pictures of the stamps later...here are the 2 cards she has sent...The sundie one got a little wet in the move and stuff but it is still great!! She is just the sweetest thing!!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

I am back!!

We are here and I have the net now! I am sorry I do not have anything for you all but I just hopped on to tell ya'll who care I am still alive and settling into FL life once again! I am a little depressed though the other night we went out to dinner and when we came home my doggie, my baby, had passed away. He was 7 so he just laid down to take a nap, I know this happens but it is very very hard for me...Tyler was my baby before I had babies, he kept me company while Jeffrey was in the big sandbox and I was preggers with Preston. He loved the kids and followed them everywhere making sure they were okay, Haley is way to young to understand but Preston is taking it really hard so please just send some happy thought our way. I just keep forgetting he is gone, this morning I filled up his food dish just out of habit. Well I will stop depressing you now and just leave a picture of Tyler the Super Weenie!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

YUCKO!!! I hate moving!!

So this used to be my studio!! Needless to say it is in shambles right now! I should have taken a before picture where it was all nice and neat and in little rubbermaid boxes on the shelves but I did not so I guess you will just have to see an after picture. We are having the Military move us but I wanted to pack my stamps and stuff so I know what is in what boxes and stuff ya know? They come on Thursday and Friday to pack up and move so things might be a little quiet around here in Inky Hugs land for a little bit. As soon as I get my computer back though I will post and let you know I have arrived safely, I will have the laptop so we will see if wireless works. I still have a few things to pack like I need to take my papers out of the shelves and pack up my inks but that's about it for the "big" jobs. UGHHH Have I mentioned I hate moving??