Friday, April 13, 2007

Do you see what this is?? yeah its a clean Stampin table!! make sure you save the link to this post cause i cannot promise that it will stay like this for long but by golly it is clean right now!! I am almost afraid to stamp on it but that will pass tomorrow. I will give it one night of cleanliness!! I decided tonight that I would try and get my Studio in order, so i started with the table and will work my way around the room little by little! Tonight I had Haley underfoot who is trying her hardest to walk using my legs and chairs as aids and Presto the very inquisitive/helpful 4 year old! His favorite word this week is "why" as he was helping he kept saying "why do you need so much paper mommy" and "why do you need all these cool markers". So I said "son I dont know how to tell you this but Mommy is addicted to stamping". without missing a beat Preston said "oh that's okay I can be addicted too" At 4 years old I doubt he knows what addicted is but it was funny!! he amazes me sometimes!! Well that is it for tonight. Hopefully I will get to work on my bitty book tomorrow and I will have some pictures to post!! Good night ya'll!!


Stampin Mindy said...

How Cute is your little work space, I wish I had that I have a tote I drag around and work on the floor.. lol Have a great weekend!

Kristine said...

:) That's funny--what your son said! When I used to be a demo, I was spending an evening going through my papers (customer orders, etc) and my daughter wanted to come stamp with me, and I told her, "No, mommy's not stamping right now, I'm just filing some papers tonight" and she goes "Well mommy! If I'm going to be a demo when I'm bigger, I need to know how to do that stuff!" :) soooo cute! That's a great little work space you've got! Mine doesn't stay clean for long!!

Janet B said...

Wow--how nice. Glad you decided to share pics of all your hard work.