Saturday, May 5, 2007

LOOKIE what I got...and another moms card!!

Let me tell you guys I have been blessed with the best darn in laws!! My father in law came up today for Haley's party tomorrow, and he came bearing this baby!! Isn't it great?it will hold 56 ink pads and a ton of ribbon, I only put a few spools on it for now but You better believe I will be filling it up in no time!! There are a few empty spots on here so the hubs gave me the go ahead to order some new stamp pads. I am just to dang excited!! I have needed something like this for a long time!! and its so pretty!! Okay enough bragging about my new ink storage...tonight's mothers day car uses the same layout as last nights card but a different stamp set and paper, I used bud basics and spring showers paper I believe. I kinda liked the stripes on this one. and you know me I had to add some bling! I just popped up 2 of the flowers using some dimensionals, I embossed the happy mothers day with copper EP and its simple as that!! I hope ya like!! I have alot of orders for mothers day cards this week from the girls at work so I am sure I will be continuing my ODE to mothers!! I might not be around tomorrow because we are having a ton of family and friends over for Haley's birthday party. So if not I will catch ya on Monday!!


KOstvig said...

cute card I love the storage also did your FIL make it. I need one of those. I think I already have enough ribbon to fill up two rows, KWIM.

Aunt T said...

What a great gift. Love the card, too.