Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My 1st eva Digi scrap page

Now this is my 1st ever Digi scrap page, I know it is simple, but thats how we atart everything right? I would not dare show you guys my 1st stamped creations. So I got this kit from Blue Fombingo and it is called "Lauras hope chest". Now I must admitt I was a little afraid to start digital scrapbooking since I have been a paper scrapper for so long ,but Emily over at stampin & stuff answered a ton of questions for me and eased my fears, She does great stamped work and wonderful digi stuff, and was to sweet to answer all of my questions when she didnt know me from adams house cat. I am going to make a few more pages tonight and I will share later on or tomorrow but I want to get a few of them printed at to see how they do. I can go pick em up on my lunch break and I'll let ya know tomorrow.
I hope ya'll like it and Thanks again Emily!!

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emilymomto3boys said...

congrats on your first page!!!! Looks great!

And you'll find that the better you get with doing drop shadows and such, the more dimension the pages will look like they have when you print them. I also recommend glossy for printing digi pages. Seems to help them look more 3D.

Again, congratulations!!